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  1. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I've been smoking meat for about two years know and I own the 30 inch Masterbuilt electric smokehouse. I own and operate a commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment repair business and I believe I can contribute and learn in many ways, Good day Steve
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    Welcome Steve. You will love this place.
  3. rivet

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    Hey, welcome Steve, glad to have you as part of our group. As Jrod said, you are gonna love this place~Get ready to be addicted!
  4. Oh Man. I am addicted and hungry Rivet I see you are from Missouri. You ever had show me BBQ sauce? I order it by the case, Its finger licking good.
  5. rivet

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    Can't say I have, buddy. My go-to store sauce is Curley's out of Hutchinson, Kansas. Fill me in, I'd like to give it a try, and thanks for the heads-up, too.
  6. venture

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    Welcome aboard, Steve!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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    Welcome !
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    Welcome Steve!
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