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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bowmaker, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Ok, by way of introduction my name is Dave and am from a little town in SE Iowa, Floris. I came to this form in a strange set of circumstances. On another board,, some people were talking about smoking fattys and for a while I had no idea what they were talking about. Then some one posted a link to here for instructions on how to make and roll one. Then a few days later I happened on to a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain Smoker at a yard sale around here and bought it, and here I am. Tuesday I was off work and decided to give it a try. I bought a whole pork loin and chicken quarters and some stuff to try a fatty, along with a couple thermometers and some other stuff. Made a ground beef cheese burger type fatty and a sausage breakfast one and got them rolled up ok. Then read through several threads on here about the loin and chicken before starting them. Cut the loin in half and rubbed one half with mustard and put some Dave's Rib Rub on it and the other half just the rub. Put them and the fattys on and tried to hold about 250 degrees or a little less and brought the loins upto 140 then foiled them. On the one with the mustard I picked an apple and sliced it and just laid it on top in the foil and then brought them up to a little over 160. The loins and the fattys all hit 160 about the same so took them off and started with the chicken and some beans. My wife's reaction at first bite was "Oh my God. Buddy you've got a new job around here".

    I do have a question though. I used a seasoned hickory log I had and just cut slices that were about a half inch thick and about 2 inches across and soaked them in water for about a hour before I started. I put 3 or 4 of these in the little wood box and several times they caught fire and the blaze spiked the temps up to 350 or 375 before I caught it. How do I keep the wood from catching fire?
    Thanks for all the info so far and I know I will have lots of questions in the future.

  2. wutang

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    I really didn't think there was anyone from Iowa left who wasn't on this forum. Guess there is a few more of you. If there was ever a way to recruit new members-it would be get them hooked on fatties. Welcome the the forum!
  3. bassman

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    Welcome to SMF. The one most important thing you learn here is, we need Qview[​IMG] . There are even some who will say "no qview, it didn't happen".[​IMG]
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    Dave, I am pretty new to this smoking thing too, and not too far from you (Between Wellman and Kalona) Welcome, lots of good helpful people here!!Sorry I can't give you any advice on the fire, mine is a electric Bradley that I use the most so far. So I take by your name you build bows?

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    Welcome Dave.
  6. You take it correct, that is why I had a hickory log in the rafters for the last 2 years. I used to build a lot of bows for buck skinner events but I have kind of gotten away from that now but I've got hickory, ash, mulberry, oak, hackberry, and lots of other woods all seasoned up.
    Thanks for the replies.
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    Welcome ,glad ya found us.
    I'm origanally from just up the road from ya Eddyville
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    Hey Dave, Welcome!! Always great to see another Iowan sign up. I think with the fattie rage going on we will see alot of people from I.O. come over here.
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    hmmmm............i can't think why the wood would catch fire........i use a cast iron box directly on the coals of my ecb, and they don't catch fire.....maybe next time........DON"T soak, wrap in al. foil, poke some hole in the top, and place into your container...........that should delete the flareups.........but even at that........the flareups shouldn't last long, and short temp spikes isn't much to worry about........

    OH btw..........welcome..........make sure you sign up for Jeff's FREE 5-day ecourse........also, remember, no q-view, it didn't happen.......BWAHAHAHAHA

    also, welcome from a fellar i-o-wee-gin.........
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    Greetings from one of the people left in here who is not from Iowa! lol!
    Happy smokes!
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    Welcome to the SMF, Bowmaker.....saying HI from the Tama/Toledo area.

    Glad to see another Iowan join the smoking ranks here!

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    Welcome aboard Dave! I'm rouser over on IowaOutdoors.. you'll find a few familiar names on here for sure. Lots of great people with TONS of great information. Can't wait to see your first qview!

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