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    Hey fellow smokers/grillers

    Just found this site and am using a rub and jus I found this weekend.

    I'm from the USA, Lutherville, MD.

    Currently have a Char-Griller Super Pro w/ the side fire box as my main griller/smoker and an 18" Weber just outside the back door for weeknight grilling.

    I bought the Char-Griller just after moving into our house over 10 years.  I keep it covered and replace the ash pans every couple of years and it's seen many years of hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, turkey's, chickens, beef, pork.  I bought the rotisserie accessory and have used it for roasts, chickens & turkey's.  The biggest thing I've smoked was a boston butt for my sons 7th birthday party.  That was a LONG day!

    I replaced the grilling surface on the Weber with cast iron.  Cooks much more evenly.

    Glad I found this site.  I'm sure I'll find some very useful rubs, recipes, tips/tricks.

  2. Howdy!

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