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Discussion in 'Pork' started by don-e, Jun 23, 2014.

  1.    First off, just so you know,  I have been smokeing for  only a few years, and I have no patients.  (God took my patients years ago)

       Now the little problem I have smokeing pork butts/shoulders.  I use a Master Bilt 30" electric smoker. (I think it's great)  I can't seem to get my internal tempetures up as recommended.  I shoot for 200* to 205*.  I smoke a 5 lb  butt at 225, the MB goes between 217 and 235, and after 10 hours, internal temp is only around 190*.  An extra hour and a half to two hours, only raises the temp to about 195/198.  I remove it from the MB, (patients gone) wrap in in foil and the temp holds below 200 and starts down.

       The meat is juicy, tender, pulls great, and taste is fantastic.  

       Qusetion, am I being to picky about the internal temp?  or how do I get the temp up without drying out the meat??  Most of the know it all books about smoking, says 200* to 205+* IS the best temp.  Also, I have 2 tempiture probs that I use and both read about 1*+ or - , of each other.

      Thanks for any feed back, and reading the ramble.

                                                  Don S
  2. hickorybutt

    hickorybutt Smoking Fanatic

    I'd kick the smoker temp up to 250+.  If you are only running around 225 degrees smoker temp, it will take a REALLY long time to get a pork shoulder up to 205 IT.  I'd even suggest trying it next time at 275 degrees.  Higher temps won't dry pork shoulders out - there is so much fat on them that they are really hard to dry out.  And if you're really worried about it drying out, you can just foil or wrap in butcher paper once it reaches 170 degrees.  I did 2 pork shoulders yesterday running between 275-300 and it just mashed right under my hands when it finished.
  3. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    If you are depending on the readout from the masterbuilt that may be the problem. Masterbuilt is known in some cases to read higher than actual cook temp. Meat probe, too.
    Also, like hickorybutt said, raise the temp! I don't know when 225 became the default temp to cook everything. Pork butts, shoulders, brisket, beef roast, etc. can all handle it and come out just as well as lower temps. The one big advantage is you get to eat quicker!
  4. foamheart

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    It maybe a simple problem, do you mop, spritz, peek inside opening the door?

    Electrics are made to leave the door shut for hours upon hours. They hold the moisture in and maintain a stable temp as long as you don't open the door. When or if you open the door an electric as a very hard time recouping that lost heat. Its just the opposite of a fire breather. Firebreathers lose heat and moisture therefore need moping or spritzing. Electrics take forever to regain the lost heat because its uis such a stable platform. Its the same thing if you thing on it between a gas and electric stove.

    I have heard, although it seems excessive, that it take 15 mins to recoup from a opened door. I could believe maybe 10. But think upon it, if you are doing a butt, mine average 20 hours. If I only opened the door once and hour at a 10 min. lose to heating, it really adds up.

    I regulate my exhaust to help maintain temp if the vent is full open your smokers is running more to replace that hot air. But that is a whole 'nother discussion...LOL

    So if after you check your thermostat calibration. It might be as simple as keeping the door shut. 
  5.   Thanks, "Foamheart, geerock, and hickorybutt, for the information.  I have often wondered about the MB's temp read out, should have checked it long ago.  I will kick the temp up for the next one.  I normally do get a pretty good meat from it, but it does take a looooong time.

      Thanks again guys.   KEEP ON SMOKEN'

                                                                      Don S
  6. smokinhessil

    smokinhessil Fire Starter

    I have also been cooking my butts in a masterbuilt electric smoker. I did one last night and it came out wonderful. I think that you definitely are being too picky about the finishing temp. If you take it up to 195, or even 190, and then wrap it in foil and use the cooler method you will have perfect pulled pork. There isn't any need to raise the cooking temperature, unless you want to take it to 230 but I like even numbers for some reason, because the meat will continue to cook while it rests. The juices will also redistribute throughout the piece of meat. If you buy a good digital meat thermomter, either with a cord like I have or one of the fancy wireless ones, then you won't have to worry about opening anything up because you will already know exactly where you are. Good luck in your smoking endeavors and I would suggest keep it low and slow bro!
  7. dockman

    dockman Smoking Fanatic

    If meat in juicy, tender, and pulls easy why go higher IT?
  8. fatty patty

    fatty patty Fire Starter

    From my experience pork won't be perfect until 195 internal. I've pulled at 185 and much more tender, melt in mouth at 195.
  9. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Well, we are talking butts and shoulders here.  That temp is for them.

    Other cuts of pork will require much different temps.

    In my experience 195 to 205 will get you where you want to be with a butt/shoulder.

    I do not think a butt requires 220 pit temp.  Even 250 would not be that high for a butt.  I usually hold at 220 to 240.  Butts are a very forgiving cut.

    If your meat is coming out like you want?  Smoke on!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. fatty patty

    fatty patty Fire Starter

    Smoke your pork butts at 250-265, rotate, flip every 2 hours. Spritz with Apple juice q2 hrs. Take off at IT 195, rest in foil for 30min. Perfect pork. Smoke early with applewood chunks/split logs. Last portion of cook requires coal only.
  11. Why flip them? Just curious.  That means you are opening your smoker and letting heat and moisture out.  No need to flip in my not so humble opinion. 
  12. fatty patty

    fatty patty Fire Starter

    I rotate because I use a small wsm. To cook evenly on an offset I'd just put fat cap up and never touch it.
  13. oldschoolbbq

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    You must , again , practice Patients  Grasshopper . [​IMG]   It is my "Matra" and I will forever believe in letting the Smoker do it's job. A Smoker that is messed with ,  as Foamheart said , will only lengthen the cook .(Long story about Micro-climates and pressure ) .

    Get a good Dual probe Therm. and let the Magic happen . Here's a good analogy , think of the Smoker as a Sauna at a big , busy party . People keep opening the door and the steam escapes frustrating you and causing you the give-up and leave. You want a good healthy steaming , but it stays too cool for your comfort.

    I calibrate my therms. before each cook (makes the Wife wonder about me , but ) and keep them in an Ammo box for protection.

    Just set back and let your toys do their work.

    Have fun and . . .

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