Interior size comparison - MES vs Smokin it

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  1. So I'm trying to choose, comparing MES ANALOG ( don't care, so don't know about the "Digitals about the digitals cause goin w Auber standalone components) and Smokin it.

    Re - Interior volume size --  These figures are not readily findable, took alot of digging.

    MES 30 analog- ( a few different model #'s but the machine IS the same, only different #'s for marketing/ like distribution reasons)

    5165 cubic inches.

    Smokin it #1 -  2700  "3

    Smokin it #2 -  4500 "3.

    This is--- to the best of my knowledge ---the total interior volume of the boxes.

    AFTER, all shelves, trays, chip dispensers, etc. are removed..

    So, usable volume will still be less depending on space taken up by those.

    What considering both, would prefer the box construction of Smokin it, but after figuring out this above,  I can't see paying  (for my $ situation)  $150 MES analog --   vs  --  $460 (W shipping) for Smokin it #2.  and still like 11% smaller, minor diff).

    Just my observations after some study, and phone calls.     Maec
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    Size is not everything although it must be considered. Material used such as full stainless steel construction, fiberglass insulation, track record, and overall quality need to be considered as does the smoker's warranty. Just some things to look at. Quality does not come cheap.
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  3. Of course totally true, but I was comparing the volume above, nothing else.

    Although, ya, I guess I do overall think the MES is the best "Value" in my opinion, for me.

    If I had "Money in the bank", I would DEFINITELY get the Smokin it or something more like it, NOT the MES.

    But I don't.

    Side note - I will be getting the analog 1500W MES , NOT any of the "digitals", but will still be electively paying $200 additional for a freestanding Auber.

    Because in my view, THAT extra $ IS worth the benefits, most important, the Auber relative dependability and consistency in temps.

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    Family budget is always the first consideration. I sometimes forget that aspect.

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