Intake Drill Sizes

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by dcb5739, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. dcb5739

    dcb5739 Fire Starter

    I know that a 3/4 threaded piped threads snugly in a 1 inch hole.

    If I wanted to use a 1 inch pipe and ball valve or even one thats 1 1/4 ,

    what size hole makes for a nice tight thread installation ?

    Thanks in Advance Dave
  2. bowlbq

    bowlbq Fire Starter

    My best advice is to look up the size pipe you want to use say on Home Depots website in the specs for the pipe it will tell you the overall diameter of the pipe. For instance a 3/4inch pipe is about 1.05 inches in diameter. That's why I believe it's so widely used as the go to size easy to make an even 1 inch hole to match the threading
  3. hardcookin

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    I would look at step drills. I know Harbor Freight sells them.
    That's what I built my UDS's with.

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