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  1. We are starting A vertical RF Insulated, My question is what is the best type of insulation to use, cost and where to get it. We live in Tler, Texas The insulation will need to 1.5" thick since we used 1.5 x 1.5" tubing for the frame.

    Thank You

    Gary S
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    From my research KAO Wool seems to be about the best you can get but you do pay for it. However, blacksmiths seem to favor it which is well beyond the range that we will use it for.
  3. [​IMG]We are probably looking at something less expensive at least on this first insulated build. Still looking at hinges and handles. I will inclose a few pictures of what we have so far. We are only working on it usually one day on the weekends, my son stays pretty busy. Temp. supports on the leggs untl we make the wheels, (keeps everything level.

    Gary S[​IMG]
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    [​IMG]Looks like a good start.

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