Insulation and wind break for Mini and 14.5 WSM

Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by ben cartwright2, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. It is almost like spring today, 30 degrees! But since I had time and had already bought the water heater blanket I decided to finally take the time to make a WSM wrap for the 22.5 and the 14.5.and my MINI-WSM
    What I did was to figure out the length of the blanket needed and cut it off NATURALLY I cut it 3 inches too short, but I will say that was on purpose because when wrapped it, it was about 4 inches from closing so I put a piece of tape that would act like a latch. That also allows me to have the wires from the probes easily come through, at least that is what I am saying.
    What I did for the 14.5 was to fold it in half length wise and tape it. It is just the right height to protect and wrap the 14.5 and still allow easy access to the top. for the 22.5 I folded down 1/4 of the wrap making a wrap about 3 feet tall so again it gives easy access to the top. for the 22.5 I cut a 82 inch long piece.
    For this cook I wasn't using the lower grate so put my temp probe there for the BBQ temp. I am doing a 4 pound pork butt on the 14.5

    I think I started with too many lit coals for the temp of the day as it has been running about 270 with 2 vents totally closed and the third one closed 80%, but the Patriots game is at 3 pm and the butt went on at 11 am and should be done about 3 pm.

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    The insulated wrap is a good idea.

    I use a large cardboard box from a range, washer,  or a dryer with the bottom and top cut off...They are free at the local appliance store...I Recycle the boxes as windbreaks...They completely surround the smoker with room to spare...They work great and I guess you can say that I have gone Green!   LOL!
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    I was planning on doing something like this for mine.  I used it for the first time this weekend and to get the temperature at 225-250 I had to use a pie pan instead of the clay saucer and I hid in the car port.  It doesn't get as cold here as it does for some of you up in the arctic, but It is pretty windy most of the Winter at my house.

    My plan was some sheet metal and if needed, Reflectix insulation around that.
  4. I wanted something easy to store and that doesn't take up much room. to me the water heater blanket fits the bill. When rolled up it can be stuck anywhere

    When I was making it my wife thought it was for me to wear around me outside while cooking [​IMG]
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    Wives, you gotta love them.
  6. Hey at least she lets me have my toys!!

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    This is all it takes...i ran the mini in 50 below zero and ran it @ 350*.    I'd say that's a pretty good test!

    The hat only goes on if it's

      no one can say the reflectix sleeve doesn't keep in heat...This is after i cooked on the day it was -50 below!
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    So, I guess it kept that beer from freezing, huh?
  9. LOL I didn't even see the beer!  Nice!
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    LOL, it' keeps the IPA's the perfect temps in freezing weather. 
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    Nice work on the wraps! [​IMG]

    I use the welding blanket on my 22.5", with some spring clamps to hold it. To access the top I just remove one or two clamps then roll it down like a banana peal, probe wires go through where to two ends overlap. Best of all it folds up small when not needed, and its rated to something like 1200° so no worries of it ever getting to hot.... lol.

    All close up!

    Rolled down to pull the lid!

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  13. Is that a custom door on your 22"?
  14. fwismoker

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    Yea but more importantly it keeps the IPA at a good drinking temp when it's cold out
  15.  sort of, it is from Cajun Bandit, they made stainless doors for the 22, 18 and the 14.  I am not getting one for the 14.5 just using the factory door, it works fine.

    My kids gave me the door for my birthday or I would probably still have the factory door.

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