Installing a BBQ Guru to a Lang Smoker

Discussion in 'Lang Owners' started by callahan4life, May 6, 2013.

  1. I have a Lang 84 Deluxe Widebody  that I wanted to hook up a BBQ Guru to, but didn’t want to drill holes into my Lang. So this is what I did.

    I ordered the DigiQ DX2 from BBQ Guru. I also ordered their recommended adapters & Pitbull 25cfm Fans (2 of each), fan splitter and I also ordered the upgraded 10’ probes.

    I picked up two stainless steel dog bowls from Walmart and then went to my local Ace Hardware and picked up four 5x¼” stainless steel hex head bolts, four ¼” stainless steel fender washers, and four stainless steel ¼” wing nuts.

    Using a 1 3/8” step drill bit I drilled a hole in the center of the dog bowl for the BBQ Guru Universal Fan Adapter. I then drilled two ¼” holes to accommodate the mounting bolts.

    Bowl goes over the open air intake damper.

    Hex Head with fender washer goes thrugh air intake opening and hooks on edge.

    Repeat process for other bowl.

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    Just curious, how long did it take for your Lang to get that rusty?
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