Instacure #2 minimum wait time.

Discussion in 'Curing' started by luna, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Hi there,

    I recently built a fermentation chamber out of a small minifridge, a TH-20 hygrostat and a UV humidifier. I just made a test batch of chorizo which is now hanging in the chamber at ~19.5deg and 95% humidity. After the pH is below 5.3 I will change temp to ~12.5 and humidity to ~80%. I used 1g of Instacure #2 for 500g of meat. There is a very small amount of meat left that did would not easily have fit into my casings. I'm wondering if I'm able to cook that up and eat it right away, or what the minimum wait time is for Instacure #2.


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    Nitrate is "supposed" to break down into nitrite, with the aid of certain bacteria... Since the cure has less than 6% nitrate and nitrite in it, and you are planning on eating a small portion of the meat that has cure in it... and 60 mgs or so was in the initial product... you will "probably" be consuming less than 6 mgs...
    Garden vegetables have more than that in a healthy portion...
    Do the math just to be sure..... some vegetables have 1200-1500 Ppm nitrate in them... It's nitrite that has a lethal level that is REALLY low.....


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