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    I've only done one boston butt, and a couple try's at ribs,.. I really enjoy pulled pork and have a 30 inch mes. The first (and only time) worked great, I did the typical dry rub the day prior , and the morning of the cook I did the liquid injection. I haven't read much about the liquid injection on this site, except that there is inherent danger in doing it because of the bacterial issues. What is everyone's thoughts doing so?
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    All I can say is if you do decide to inject you will need to follow the 4 -140 within 4 hour rule. Depending on how large the Butt is you may have a hard time making the time/temperature work.......... ShoneyBoy
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    For those of you who have a lot of experience, can you tell a difference in taste between an injected butt and one that wasn't ?
  5. Personally I love using an injector or a brine pump. I tend to use injectors and brine pumps as a tool to help speed along the curing and brining process for larger pieces of meat(sometimes I just can't comitt the time and space for extended periods of time needed with some curing and brining). If you're using a liquid with nitrite you have a little more leniency in cooking temperatures but I reccomend your finished product to be no less than 160 degrees ( and not that much over either; I tend to pull at 155 and let it carryover cook some). The only difference between injecting and not injecting is purely based on what kind of liquid you use. I don't reccomend marinades since those are intended for smaller cuts of meat that would be better suited for the grill. I stick purely to brines and cures which of course drastically alter both flavor and texture of meats which are not brined or cured.
    This was my Christmas "Ham" which I injected and cured for 4 days before smoking. In reality this is a pork butt that I trussed, cured and smoked but without the injection I would not have gotten a uniformity of curing in as little time. In short I believe an injector is an invaluable tool if used correctly. Happy Cookin'!
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