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  1. I have done several butts but never injected one. Wanted to experiment but before I go down that road wanted to know how it affects cook time.

    For instance, if I inject and rub the butt the night before, put it in the fridge overnight, take it out before smoking and bring to room temp before putting on smoker. Will the cook time be significantly longer because I have injected 16-24 ounces of fluid into the meat? or is it easier to smoke, foil and add the vinegar/apple cider/brandy concoction after the meat has been shredded?
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    No. Injecting won't add time. Just make sure you go by the 4/140 rule .
    that time start when you take it out of refrig. So if you bring it up to room temp for an hour then that leaves 3 hours to get it up to 140. I would go straight from frig. To smoker .
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    I can't speak on cook time post injection...BUT...If you inject it is very likely you will Push Bacteria into the Meat...Now you sit the meat on the counter and give the Bacteria a few hours at 70* to have their way with your meat, think Millions...NOW you put it in a 225*F Smoker and it takes a few more hours to get to 140*F+ and kill the little bugger's...But the Damage may already be done from the heat resistant Toxins those now Billion Bacteria produced...Sound Tasty??? Sound Safe???

    Inject if you wish but keep it COLD (<40*) until you go in the Smoker...You get Nothing but Trouble from warming injected Meat that will be cooked Well Done.

    Warming ONLY benefits Beef that we want a Uniform Med Rare and that is for Steaks that will cook Quickly...

    No Professional Chef or Restaurant Warms meat to room temp...The Health Inspectors would shut them down on the spot!...JJ 
  4. Thanks for the tips

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