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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevetheteacher, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Do you do this every time you smoke or only on certain circumstances? If only on certain circumstances, why or why not inject?

  2. joe black

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    To me Steve, injecting is mostly used for competition. I'm sure others will dispute that, but that's the way I see it. I will sometimes marinate or semi-brine a dry piece of meat like dense roast or whatever, but only for a couple of hours. IMHO, the comp guys use injecting for super moisture and tenderness as their time is limited more than mine. As I say, others will give you some ideas, but at least, this gives food for thought. Joe
  3. I've never injected or competed in my life so take this with a grain of salt, but I'd agree that injections are probably used mostly by competitive cookers.  And I've always wondered about injections as a general rule.  Sauces and rubs, etc., are obviously standard fare because they're applied to the outside of the meat.  But artificial moisture provided by injections has always just seemed a little off to me, as part of the challenge and art of making good BBQ is the skill required to keep the meat moist and tender.  All I can think of is that perhaps they all agree that will wait times, slicing things up and then boxing it affects the meat and everyone competing, so it has become an accepted step in the process.

    While I'm sure there's a good time and place for injections (and I *will* need to try it at some point), I just like tasting the meat through the smoke and the seasonings.  I've just always gotten the feeling that an injection would alter the meat's natural flavorings.  Very interested in hearing others' thoughts here...
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    I have injected, and not. For what I like to smoke, and the way I like to smoke it though, I usually forgo the injection. For example: I like to sauce my pulled pork, so there is no need to inject. Turkey gets sliced and smothered in my wife's magnificent giblet gravy. Chicken; sauced. Brisket?...I go to Papa Buck's BBQ restaurant for that and they don't inject. I have a deer tenderloin I am going to smoke and I will probably inject it with something because it is so lean. It has its place, but for the backyard bbq'er it usually isn't required/desired.
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    I've injected some meats and found that a dry rub, then wrap in plastic for a day or three in the refer, give a more pronounced flavor profile...
    The best injection I have found, is to heat oil with ground spices in it to infuse the oil with the flavors.... I like peanut oil flavor so that's what I use... olive oil does not enhance meat flavors in my opinion... or you can infuse in pork fat or lard.... that's very good and the fat is good for you...

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