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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mnsmokin, Mar 13, 2010.

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    I got a 9 lb shoulder and I have a couple ???'s.

    #1. I tried injecting it with apple juice and it seemed that as much as i pushed in came right back out through another hole. Is there a way to thicken the apple juice up or is there more staying in the meat than I think?

    #2. I have a MES and I was wondering if I should spray apple juice on it every hour or if I can get the same result from just putting apple juice in the water pan?

    #3. This is my first shoulder and I was wondering if I should plan on 1.5 hrs per lb? It needs to be done by noon -1pm tomorrow(sun)

    That should be it for now........Thanks again
  2. Sorry no one got back to you and im sure its to late now but ill answer your questions for future use.

    In terms of making the apple juice thicker I would advise a honey/apple mix

    Yes if you spray the shoulder with apple juice every hour that will work just fine, but injecting it obviously get the flavor down into the meat. Secondly putting apple juice in your water pan will not effect the taste or flavor of your meat. The water pan is really just for keeping moisture in as well as disbursing heat. There is controversy as to if what you put in the water pan will actually alter the flavor but I feel very strongly that it does nothing.

    Lastly dont ever go by time. With smoking it is all about internal temps invest in some digital thermal probes. They are only about $10-15 at wal-mart.

    Hope this helps, sorry again for no one getting back sooner. Also for future reference the search tool is very helpful for your questions rather than waiting on us. And I know all of these topics have been covered around here time and time again.

    Happy smoking
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    Ok for your questions injecting a butt it is usually with a watered down rub or some other spices but I have never heard of injecting apple juice. I would maybe add some of the spices that you really like using maybe garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, and then maybe some paprika. Now you will get some of the injection liquid will come ack out of the injected points so it will be alright. Ok you are looking at maybe a 12 to13 hours smoke but I have never smoked anything in a MES so your on your own there. Now for your butt need alleast a hour in the cooler to now. So plan on that. I would start your butt maybe around 10 the night before and then if have a bad stall you will have time and the meat could stay for hours in the cooler. Just remember to pack it tight with old towels.
  4. mnsmokin

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    Thanks for the respond. All my earlier smokes have lasted longer than I expected them to take. I started it at 10PM and it was done 1 hr before we were scheduled to eat, so it turned out quite well
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    I started doing this method on cryovaced pork. Just inject right through the factory plastic. Works great on all cryovacked meats. Smoking is another land. [​IMG]

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