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Discussion in 'Pork' started by hawkerdude, Apr 18, 2015.

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    Greetings all.  Pretty new.  Doing my second boston butt.

    I am using a Yoder YS640.  I did my first butt before my maverick ET-732 came in.  Set the Yoder at 235 and went to work.  Ran out of time so didn't get the perfect pulled pork but sliced and chopped it was still great.

    This morning at 0600 I got my current butt on the smoker.  Initially set the smoker at 250 for the start, I headed back inside.  Now having my Maverick 735, I checked the temps after about 30-45 minutes.  Although the Yoder was indicating 250 on the digital control and maintaining...the Maverick says I was at 300.  Whoa!  I backed off the Yoder to 235 and after about 15 minutes the Maverick was also indicating 235.

    My question is: Is this common to see such a huge spread?  Am I over analyzing?


    Oh yeah...I'm also using an 18" Amazing Tube Smoker
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    I go by the Maverick no matter what.  I smoked some Canadian bacon recently on my WSM.  The smoker's temp gauge never climbed above about 170F.  The Mav and the DigiQ were both reading 225F. 

    Bottom line, you can use one or the other, but trying to match the smoker's temp to a digital can drive you insane.

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  3. hawkerdude

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    I've been in and out all day.  I see what you mean about just trusting the Maverick.  The smoker seems to vary +/- 10-20deg at times trying to hit that target.  Watch the Maverick, split the difference and live with it.

    Thanks for the reply.

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