Independent St Loius Cut Ribs

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  1. My local Publix had BOGO packs of two racks. So, naturally, I have 5 racks (one purchased earlier in the week) of ribs to smoke. I froze one pack and decided to just smoke three racks. BTW, how long can I keep those other two racks frozen?
    Using 3-2-1. Using sugar in the raw, tiger sauce, parkay, and agave for the wrap. Using Cherry wood and a brown sugar-based rub with some kick.
  2. 3 hrs later, and it's time to wrap.
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    Already Looking Good, CB !!![​IMG]

    Be Back----


  4. Pulled and resting in the oven while the coal fired potatoes and Cajun buttered corn finish up.
  5. No sauce needed...
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    Looks great! Cajun seasoned anything sounds tasty!
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    Looks Great, CB !![​IMG]

    My kinda Plate!!![​IMG]

    Mighty Tasty!-----------------[​IMG]

  8. Thanks. I still have a gallon storage bag filled with ribs for the week.

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