Increase Green Mountain DB grill cooking area with a shelf

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  1. Have had a Green Mountain Daniel Boone for six years.  Love it.  Shortly after I got it, I found there were times I wished it had more cooking area.  Went to the Big Box Store and bought a grill grate, some 5/16" threaded rod, some self locking nuts (16 total), and large diameter fender washers (12).  For under $20, I greatly increased the cooking area.  The shelf is 11"x22", rods are 9" long.  You can cut the grate you buy (get stainless) to your preferred size with a hacksaw or dremel tool with a cut-off wheel.  Two photos attached.  It ain't pretty, but it sure does the job.  Couple of the rods are broken off from use, but it's no big deal.  In the photos it looks like the rods are bent in.  Not so, that's just the "barrel effect" from my camera.

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    Nice adaptation.

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