Inconsitency after switching to electric smoker

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  1. Ok smoker experts I need some help. 2 years ago I started smoking with an Offset Barrel Smoker. I took great notes, nailed my ribs and brisket and my rubs and sauces. Then I realized that being -2 and all, I needed a winter option for smoking. I bought a 40" Master built electric smoker and have had no luck smoking anything on it. Same rubs, same processes, same temps and times and the meat never comes out right. Is there a trick to making the switch? I seasoned the smoker and I use an additional thermometer to verify tems but the meat will not come out the way it does on the Offset Barrel Smoker. It is tougher and harder to cut.

    Anyway, I am asking because I plan on smoking pork steaks this weekend and I would rather not screw them up too.

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    Welcome to SMF!  I relocated your post to the Electric Smokers Forum for better chance of getting the right answers.

    Would you please take a minute and go to Roll Call and tell us a little about yourself, smoking experiences, etc so we may properly welcome you!  And, please put in your location in your profile also if you haven't already!
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    I'm gonna call you "Nuker" , it's easier ,[​IMG]. Welcome to the bunch , hope you like it enough to call it "Home" for all your BBQ   needs . I will soon be trying out a Bradly 30"   ,I am a   Wood Burner , myself (see my Avatar in My Heading.

     made it easier . . .anyhow , I'm fixin-ta do some Beef Ribs , a Butt and some Brats or something...  in a friend's unit and see how it works  and/or pleases me .

    I want something to use in the Winter and with no real Q-Bana , it's getting just too cold for me . I found I'm not "Macho Man" as I have been and still I have that craving for a Smoked food meal.

    Sooo. I'll scratch our back , if You scratch mine...  [​IMG]   Actually , you'll have more help than you can handle , everyone here is more than happy to help ,[​IMG]

    Have a happy time and . . .
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    There will be a different flavor between the two, but moist/dry, tender/tough is a function of time at X°F to an IT of Y°F.Of course meat quality plays a part. Don't forget that little things make a difference.Water in the pan, spritzing, opening the smoker and any change in rub, time in the refer before the smoke, etc...JJ
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    Hmmm. So you are using a trusted and accurate thrermo for the cook chamber and meat IT temps? (Don't trust the on board numbers!) Just sayin ! We may need more details to figure this out.


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