In the middle of a ham shank first timer - needed IT for 'partially cooked'?

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  1. I searched all over the forum and devised a plan - oops off to my other browser, getting popups...

    wish Internet explorer wouldn't do that!!

    Following Bearcarver's lead, trimmed, rubbed with Jeff's, using pellets in MES30. My real concern is this ham was labeled "Ham Shank Roast" - locally fed and butchered. Told the counter guy I was going to smoke it, he grinned and said that ought to be good. I noticed the majority of ham shanks people here smoke are fully cooked. He said this one was cured, smoked, but partially cooked. I brought it home and have been smoking it for 3 1/2 hours right now. Smoker temp I dropped from 200 to 190 an hour ago. Internal temp is between 108 and 118 right now. The question (finally!!)  How long should I cook this or expect to cook it, what box temp, and take it to what internal temp? Thanks!!  Pics taken, q-view to come.  Wallypedal
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    Don't know about the shank, but download Chrome and set as default. You'll never go back.
  3. Don't really appreciate all of Google's (Chrome) policies and the whole Google house can be sort of a resource hog. Firefox works.


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