in search of kansas city style rubs and seasoning recipes. .also grillmates.A1 type.

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    I have some rubs and seasonings I really really enjoy..

    though I would like to try and get home made recipes that avoid MSG.

    Grillmates claim to be msg free..but many claim to be msg free but their ingredients have an ingredient that has msg in its hard to trust those statements.

    maybe someone can help me replicate or share a recipe similar or just as good?

    I was using:
    *KC masterpiece BBQ seasoning* - for chicken legs and breast..was also good on beef flap meat.but it was great for chicken.

    *grillmates rubs "sweet and smokey" "steak rub"*for beef flap meat.

    As for pork ribs I had bought these racks that were pre rubbed by Kroger..

    One says "smokey chipotle" and the other says "kansas city style bbq"

    *A1* "bold and original" for beef flap meat

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