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    I only say that because we have been corresponding. Obviously, all are welcome.

    Up front, I have to say that the only poison here is sodium and it is used sparingly.[​IMG]

    As I sit here reflecting, I realized that I have never smoked this kielbasa. Probably because the recipe has been in my family for hundreds of years and as far as I know, was never smoked. This is the family's sacred kielbasa that only hits the table fresh at Christmas & Easter. I have an advantage though, since we celebrate both dates for Christmas.[​IMG]

    I'll have to cogitate.[​IMG]

    Hummmmm,  I can use/add powdered milk as a filler/binder to lessen shrinkage. You think?

    O.K., so here's one you have never seen before and I have decided to pass it on because I am the end of my line for this recipe. Sure I have an unmarried 37 year old daughter but God forbid she should damage her nails making kielbasa. She sure eats it well enough.  The ribs she likes are smoking now and for her birthday dinner Sunday, she wants the Elk steak. I guess there's still hope yet.[​IMG]

    The spicing is fairly unusual but in retrospect, so was/is the family seat. It is now in Belorus just inside from Lithuania but was Poland and overun by "Russia" in a land that can be called Ruthenian.

    My family came to the area in 1409-1410 from Moravia, for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, to whoop the Teutonic Order at the Battle of Grunwald, so your guess is as good as mine. Maybe better.[​IMG]

    First let me explain that my ancestors (including grandparents) would be dumbfounded with the equipment we use. When I first started, we were cubing the meat by hand with a big knife on a cutting board (still have both) and spices were "ground" by twisting them into a pocket in a cloth and pulverizing them with a hammer. The meat was stuffed, using the remaining neck and shoulder of a modified gallon jug. Our friends used a cow horn. We were "High Class". I used to say that we used "crystal".

    8 lbs of coarse ground pork BUTT (1/4-3/8)

    4 tbs salt

    6 whole Bay Leaves ground

    2 tbs whole Cloves ground

    2 tsp whole Black Pepper Corns ground

    2 tsp Yellow Mustard Seed left whole

    1 tbs Caraway Seed left whole

    1 tsp Thyme Leaves left whole

    3 small onions chopped

    2 oz. or so of water

    I might add, that sausage is better cooked in a skillet only half covered with water for 8 or 9 minutes and then turned over for an additional 8-9 minutes. it is then browned in the greased skillet.

    Waste not...want not....I save the water for soup stock.


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    Thanks for the recipe KK! I will have to give this a try. I am surprised by the amount of cloves and lack of marjoram in your family recipe. One question I have is on the clove measurement. Is that 2 tbs of whole cloves that are then ground or is it 2 tbs of ground cloves.

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. daveomak

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    Thanks KK,

    Real kielbasa is on my list "to do". I appreciate "old world" recipes.

    My grandma was from Lithuania and cooked the best food. umumumum
  4. Another Recipe stolen for my collection.

    [​IMG]You do realize i will add something so i can tell all it is my own. LoL

  5. smokinal

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    That's awesome that you would share an old family recipe, but that's what folks do around here. Thank-you!   [​IMG]
  6. kielbasa kid

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    Well I feel better now that I have had the opportunity to pass the recipe on to REAL sausage makers. Just call it "Podsadzie Kielbasa" (Orchard Nook Kielbasa) from whence it came to America.[​IMG]

    Yo! Ole Yaller:  When it reads "whole" and then says "grind"....begin with whole. Otherwise the spice is left whole. Sorry about that.  I knew what I ment. Been doing this since "Hector was a pup".

    Remember what I wrote about the region.  The lack of marjoram and my family being Polish, is a clue to varied origin.

    Dave: Lithuanians use Mustard seed; a clue.  My family's estate was half way between Wilno and Minsk. For high Holy Days like Christmas and Easter, they would troika to the cathedral in Wilno, while my great-uncle shot the wolves that chased them as the drove the team through the forest.  They did not venture to Minsk, unless for exceptional trade. So it does not surprise me that we used Mustard Seed.  I believe that there may have been a religious factor too, regarding travel.[​IMG]

    Karl: Just don't add nitrates, nitrites, MSG or copious amounts of sodium and you'll live longer to enjoy this kielbasa.  [​IMG]
  7. Thank you for sharing this KK's people like you that make this a fantastic site...sharing knowledge like this has to be hard but i for one will cherish the recipe. It will be noted as "Kielbasa Kids Family Recipe"...i hope my children enjoy it also!!![​IMG]
  8. Tnx KK

    I saw it is fresh sausage so i wont be using any cure. I think this would make a great 4th July breakfast to try on.


    Happy and safe Independence day all
  9. kielbasa kid

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    Thank you for the gratutude folks. I have to warn you though. I call it , "a peasant's breakfast". We always have it for breakfast and have to skip lunch. We never feel like having lunch. It has a way of filling you up until dinner.

    We have it with fried eggs, horse radish, BLACK BREAD, coffee and my wife's babka.

    BTW: Here is the 15th c. Moravian/Bohemian meat grinder that is normally in my garage. It's July 4th with the first Continental Congress flag that was given General Washington.[​IMG]
  10. danmcg

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    Thanks for sharing the recipe KK.

    I for one love clove and will be giving this a try sometime soon I hope
  11. beer-b-q

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    Thanks for the recipe KK will definitely try it out...
  12. With your permission i would like to Smoke this sausage.

    However i will first do by you instructions. Next time i will add cure and smoke.

    I hope that meets with your family guidlines. I LOOOOVE smoke.[​IMG]

    If i cant cure it i dont smoke it.


  13. It just Dawned on me If i add cure and  smoke it is mine Mine i say mine.

  14. kielbasa kid

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    Karl; Your avatar. Is that your dog CW?  Here's mine. She plays soccer.  If she is 500 yards away and smells the smoker going, in no time at all, she is under-foot. [​IMG]
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    That look fantastic! This just became a must d

    Thank you for trusting this family with your old family secrets. I am sure they will now be handed down to our kids.

    You will get all the credit.
  16. I got an old family recipe to share.

    Take 1 can Spam Open

    White bread.  AAAAHH Never mind. My new old style family recipe is KK's

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  17. That is Jack my jackass. The wife says we have 2 on the place but i only see him. I dont know what she is talking about.

    Here is my best friend CW  "Charley"


    He is supposed to weigh around 8 lbs however he does help me with the BBQ and Sausage making so i think he is around 13 lbs.

    We are going to half to work on that.

  18. Never are they under foot. I do not know what i would do with out cw. By the way that is a nice looking Dog. They are the greatest breed as far as i am concerned. Very family friendly.

    CW keeps mine in line.

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    KK, I have reviewed many Fresh Kielbasa recipes and this is truly unique! I was expecting a variation on the common garlic, marjoram, S & P recipe. This has other traditional middle European flavors that can only add a different twist to that which I grew up on. In my family once you have teeth, Mom takes the Bottle out and sticks a chunk of Kielbasa in! I can't thank you enough for sharing your families recipe and your heritage...JJ

    BTW...Speaking of family heritage, Jankowski translates to " Of the Estate or Village of Jankowa"  and there are at least 12 known, unrelated, families that took the name of their village as a surname. Because our name is the 13th most common name in Poland, my Grandfather being a Butcher and owner of multiple stores, chose to differentiate himself from others by dropping the "W" hence James Jankoski
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