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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ballsonagoose, Feb 27, 2016.

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    I've been smoking great brisket with a COS and burnt the firebox up this past season.  I'm starting my first reverse flow smoker on a trailer.  The smoking chamber is a 30 inch diameter pipe with a 5/16 wall thickness and its 7 feet long, it weighs in a 694 pounds by itself.  My first question is what size axles do you think I need?  I wanted to go with a complete axle assembly from northern tool.  It has a max load weight of 2,000 pounds, it is pefect width 60 inches.  Do you think that is sufficient or do I need to go with a 3,500 pound axle?  The problem I foresee with the bigger axles is that are all around 74 inches wide which will create havoc trying to access the smoker because my plan was to have it centered on the trailer.  I was intending to be able to operate and open the smoker without having to climb on the trailer.  I wanted to work it all from the trailer side.

    Next I was planning of building my main trailer frame out of 3inch channel iron to keep it beefy.  What do you most commonly see these types of trailers are made of?  If you see a flaw in my plan please let me know.

  2. Hello.  Welcome to the fun!  Well judging from your user name I am gonna assume you are thinking goose neck trailer.

    Sounds like you want to spend a lot of money on axles and steel but I am gonna hit you with an idea here:  You sound like you can weld.  I welded for about 18 years.  IF it were me I would be looking for a clapped out mobile home or travel trailer.  If a travel trailer scrape the top off and us the axle and frame.  The axles will carry the weight and probably the goose neck already built.  If a mobile home and you think too wide; cut a chunk out of the axle and re-weld.  Then use the extra frame to build your goose neck hitch and or customize as you want.  The frames LOOK too thin but think about it; they drag those things all over the country.  I don't know where you are but some place near by someone has those types of things.  They sell parts off those things.  Should be a cheaper option and may save you many hours.  Just a thought.  Keep Smokin!

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    Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site. Good luck with your build and keep on smokin', Joe
  4. I have a dyslexic keyboard.  [​IMG]

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    I made my own trailer for my's not as big, but it is a 30" barrel. You can custom order any width axle you want, so no worries about getting one too wide. Pick your rims out first (if you want to use take offs from the junk yard) and order to match the offset. I didn't figure the offset right for my rims so I had to order new rims (darn).





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