I'm trying to decide on the multiple Masterbuild smokers. This stuff is confusing

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by kryinggame, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. kryinggame

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    Im seriously confused with all of the different versions of Masterbuilt smokers. In addition to the smokers, I'm noticing that certain stores are selling their versions of what appears to be, the same smoker.

    I smoke primarily for me and my girl; therefore, I don't think that I need to go as large as 40 inches. Seems that the 30 inch is perfectly fine for my needs.

    According to the Masterbuilt website, there are 2, 30 inch smokers, (i) the Analog smoker that doesn't have the digital display on the top and (ii) the Digital smoker with a window and one that has a digital display on the top.

    Now, I've also seen on youtube a black Masterbuilt smoker with a digital display on the top.

    WHICH IS THE MOST RECENT AND ACCURATE MODEL? What is the model number for the most recent black model? My concern is, the version with the glass door is not necessary because, while smoking, you can't see inside the box.

    All I'm looking for, is a reliable 30 inch electric smoker with the digital display on the top. If the black version is not the latest, I'll go with the one with the glass door. But from what I can tell, the 30 inch glass door version averages about $289.  That's alot of $$$ for a smoker with the reputation of dying out in about a year.

     Sorry about dropping so much information, I hope ya'll can help me.
  2. smokinal

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    You can get the latest model 40" with glass, remote & wheels at Sam's Club for $299.
  3. kielbasa kid

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    $159 and the MES analog 30 is all you need to make your day.  I've been smoking for 50 years and had tried every method. As for the "latest" MES???  There are promoters here for all models. That's why they make vanilla and chocolate.

    My MES 30 is all black. No useless window. No digital crappola. Straight analog.  Here is something I have read. Not all models come with the 1500 watt coil. Older models (look-alikes) in stock have less wattage. Could be?

    I have read a while ago that some posters were unhappy a couple of years ago with temp. Maybe MES upgraded to what I bought?

    Also, I just read the other day, that the digital's programing, will not allow you to raise the temperature above 275.  That boggles the mind. I didn't realize that.  My analog sails to the turkey 325 temp and beyond. I had no idea the digital was so self limiting? News to me.

    I'm not a bells & whistles person and I don't even bother to switch on my remote transmitter for temp. I like bouncing in and out of my smoke shack to look at the temp sensor perched on top.  Besides....the MES analog 30 just about holds true from start to finish.

    One thing I did though, that seems to have me and my hound running ahead of the MES 30 pack, is that I stove cemented a thin fiberglass rope gasket around the door. It holds the heat and smoke tighter than a clam's ass.

    So!....Look for a 1500 watt without the window dressing.

    As Will Rogers always said, "I only know what I read in the papers".


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