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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by albirk, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. albirk

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    I'm new to the forum with a few questions about cold smoking sausage.

    But first off I live in eastern Iowa in a small farming town, lots of pig and cattle farms that can always use an extra hand in the spring and fall. The guy I help has cattle so it is a half a beef for payment. My son is ready to move into a farm house about a half mile from us that raises hogs so maybe he will work the same way that I do and end up with some pork in the freezer. I was born and raised on a farm so I like to still play in the dirt without all the costs of farming and the 365/7 day a week job. I will look around to find out were to post about the cold smoking questions that I have. I love to learn from others.

    Thanks Alan
  2. eman

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    Welcome to SMF!

    do a search in the forums under sausage and if you can't find the info you seek there just ask questions in that forum.

    Someone will be happy to help.

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