I'm looking to rent an offset smoker in DFW...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trig, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. trig

    trig Fire Starter

    I'm looking to rent an offset smoker for a wedding party to cook about 5-6 briskets plus extras in March.  I haven't really come up with anything local online.

    Anybody have any sources?
  2. wolfman1955

    wolfman1955 Master of the Pit

    Here in Ohio there are several of the big tool rental places that also rent out smokers. You might check out that angle.
    Keep Smokin!!!
  3. As said above as well as some of the pool supply stores. Or run a wanted post on Craigslist.

    Happy smoken.

  4. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    If there is a smoker manufacturer near you call and ask if they rent demo units. I was going to have a party not too far from the Lang factory in GA and they were willing to let me use one. The trip ended up being cancelled, but from the guy's email it sounded like a loaner and no charge. I did happen to mention that I was interested in a possible purchase in the future, which is true.

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