I'm looking to buy a propane smoker, need advice

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by delarosa74868, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Whats the best economy propane smoker?
  2. clintconaway

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    to be honest i bought a charcoal smoker (charbroil) used it for a year and then modified it to a gas by cutting a hole in the bottom of the fire box,locating some bolt holes and fixed a turkey burner to it. if cost is the question you can find these things at a gurage sale for cheap and they work just as good as new and cost less than buying a new unit. if you are good with your hands by used and refurbish
  3. pineywoods

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    Most of the propane smokers work pretty good. Many of us have GOSM's but what I would suggest is getting the biggest widest one you can afford. It may seem that you'd never use all the room in a smaller one if your just starting out trust us that before long you'll be looking for more space. Seems no matter what smoker you have at one time or another it just ain't big enough [​IMG]
  4. chefrob

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    being new to this gig i bought a cheap entry level perfect flame from lowes on sale for $119. after a few non permanent mods i am turning out some nice smokes with the help from this site. look in the "gasser" forum for ideas..........these guys are good.
  5. psychobrew

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    Most people like the GOSMs found at Walmart or Bass Pro, or the Smoke Hollow found at Gander Mountain. Some people really like the Smoke Vault as well, but they cost more money.

    If it were me, I'd get a GOSM from Bass Pro (the larger version, which is not found at Walmart and has a grease pan) or the Smoke Hollow. The Smoke Hollow seems to be the heaviest for its size.
  6. forluvofsmoke

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    All good advice there, fellas. And, as Pineywoods mentioned, size will matter eventually...the smaller verticals can handle pork butts, chuckies, a couple chickens or medium turkey just fine. When you want to do full slabs of spare ribs or a brisket...call houston, 'cause you'll have a problem.

    I have a nearly 6 year old GOSM, recenly converted to charcoal for smoking sausage loafs, canadian bacon and such...good little rig as a gasser, just wanted a smaller charcoal rig.

    The Smoke Vault 24 is very nice, was a gift for father's day from my kid's this year...love that one too...they are somewhat spendy.

    Good luck...hope to see your smoker's offerings soon!

  7. I have had a little Smoke Hollow gasser for several years.It is a very good quality unit for the money. I have seen the gosm units and are nice as well. I would recomend gasser and the larger size.
  8. I have an entry level Brinkman gasser from Home Depot ($150) that has been working great. What I like about it over the GOSMS is that it has two doors rather than one. That way you're not letting your heat & smoke out when refilling your chip pan. But in either case, good luck!
  9. pne123

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    I bought one after my GOSM (small) died. The GOSM was a good smoker but i like my PF much better. It taller and has an extra rack so I can fit more meat. It also has vents on the lower sides which my small GOSM did not. Oh, try to find one that has the cast iron chip box. I bought mine on close out and it did not have the cast iron but a flimsy sheet metal box like my GOSM had. I went back as exchanged it w/ the floor model. I had flare ups all the time w/ GOSM but not had a single one w/ the cast iron. long smokes w/ the wood also. do not have to open the door as often. the box must be atleast 3x bigger.
  10. The Perfect Flame was on clearence at my lowes for 89.00 down from 160.00 a few days ago. I would check out your location or on their website. Bass pro shops currently has the masterbuilt propane model on sale for 149.99 through christmas. I was so pleased with my MES that I bought the propane model and think it works great.
  11. old poi dog

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    +1 on the GOSM. The bigger you can afford the better.

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