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    We are full timing in a travel trailer. There isn't much space, so our grill is a propane Weber go anywhere grill

    Well..... I got the smoking bug and tried a turkey roast last night. I flipped the diffuser plate upside down, added a pan of water for indirect heat, and a foil pouch full of chips. Here was my setup.

    The problem is I am having a hard time keeping the temperature down. Luckily yesterday was in the 40's with a 35 mph wind.... (....I wonder how many times someone has said that.....). The day before, on my dry fun, the temp was close to 50 and the grill was turned all the way down, and I also had to turn down the shutoff valve on the propane bottle to stay around 225.

    Can y'all think of anything else I could do to lower the temp? Would changing out the thin tin diffuser with a ceramic tile or something like that help?

  2. The tile would be a cheap way to test. I have some in mine but I was just using for thermal mass. As i remember mine are 9 small ones with a little space between each so as not to overheat the bottom. 

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