im looking for a 10/22

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  1. hey everyone I am looking for a used 10/22! I would like to fine one for a really good price like one that is been in your closet or garage and forgotten about. the one that is in not so good condition!! the one that needs some TLC maybe a new stock or your kids lost the mags for it.

    I just got a new stock for a 10/22 but ran out of guns so please if you have something let me know
  2. chefrob

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    they are fun and cheap to shoot!
  3. meateater

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    Go to and type 10/22 in the search box, probably find one for a Frankln.
  4. shtrdave

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  5. eman

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    Had a 10 /22 and sold it when i got my hands on a nice marlin golden mountie circa 58.

     Love my lever action. can shoot shorts and caps when the resident strays get to thick.
  6. brekar

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    Another place you could look is here. Just pick the area closest to where you live and browses under sporting goods. Backpage is basically Craigslist where they can sell guns...

    I've got an old 10/22 and it's a great shooting gun..


  7. hey thanks for the tip i checked it out and posted a add for a 10/22 on there. it looks like it could be a good place to go for used guns if more people start going there.
  8. brekar

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    No problem at all. I see 10/22's for sale all of the time down here so I figured that you'd have no problem up there. Glad I could possibly point you in the right direction. All I ask is once you get one you post pictures of it...


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  9. shhaker

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    i have a 10/22 with a archangle setup ill sell ya for 225 bucks or so....i got pics email me if ya want to see it, makes it look like a ar-15....

    heres a video..

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