I'm hooked on smoking!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by markridolfi, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Ok so I'm hooked. Now I need a smoker.
    Last night I tried smoking a pork loin but ended up transferring it to the oven at the end because we have a 10 year old that needed to eat. Needless to say, when I transferred it to the oven, I ended up overcooking it. All day today I have been thinking about things I could've done different, better, and reading online about how to improve. So here I am, day 2. 81 degrees out and 38% humidity. Im using a Master Forge charcoal grill and cooking with indirect heat. Let the fun begin.

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    Hi, If I could give you some advice I would tell you to get rid of that water. Wet chips do not smoke they steam off until the water is gone and then burst into flames. You should make a well sealed foil pouch for your chips and poke a few holes in that for air. You will get the right thin blue smoke you want. Next, you need to know what the actual temperature of the smoke chamber is. For that you need a tested temp. probe of some kind. You can test it in boiling water 212 degrees at sea level. You want to be smoking at 225-250 degrees. The most important thing to making good quality BBQ is temp. control. The factory thermometer is junk. Just know that and you are miles ahead of the game.
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    You can make good smoked stuff on that grill you have there. Get yourself a Maverick wireless probe setup so you can know what the temp of your chamber and the meat is. I smoke on my grill more than I do my smoker actually. I would focus on that stuff before thinking about getting a smoker because you will need that stuff anyway.
  4. Something like this?

  5. I switched to the foil pouch and I can't believe how much more smoke I'm seeing now. Thanks!
  6. Just remember, you're looking for thin blue smoke, it should actually look blue and be almost non-existent to your sight.  In your pics above, the smoke coming from the stack would be a concern to me.  White or black smoke will overpower the flavor of your food with a bitter taste.  Also, like Timberjet recommended, no water on the chips, some of that white coming out your chimney could be steam.  Personally, I like wood chunks set close enough to the fire to burn a light smoke but the foil packs with chips work well, too.
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  8. Beautiful Color  Looking Good

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    If you are going to be smoking in that a lot if suggest you look into getting an amnts and some pellets! It will put out perfect smoke for hours... I use mine at one of my jobs and when I cold smoke at home...
  10. What is amnts?
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  12. Thank you. I'm super green to this but I'm learning!
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    A-maze-n tube smoker. You'd want the tube not the tray for this. I'm not sure if the sale is still going on but they were 20% off with free shipping. You'd probably want a couple of bags of pellets to try also. I mostly use the 12" one...

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