I'm David, and I'm an addict

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by david what, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. david what

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    A smoked pork addict that is. Bought a couple small butts this weekend at Aldi when they had a sale. Smoked the today, and dang they were good. Unfortunantly alread had a big stew in the crockpot, and some leftover chicken. So into the freezer it goes till next week.
  2. david what

    david what Fire Starter

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  3.  Looking good. I always smoke enough to freeze some for another day.

  4. essexsmoker

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    *clapping* Hello David, well done, the first step has been taken. Now you realise your addiction tou can save hard to get a bigger smoker. Lmao.
  5. smokinal

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    Nice job David!

    We usually vac pack & freeze the PP in 1 lb bags. Then you can thaw in the micro & have a couple of PP sammie's anytime you want.

  6. parrot-head

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    That's the way to go!

  7. mfreel

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    Hello, David.  I'm Mike and I'm an addict, too.

    You know you're an addict when you have stew in the crock pot and leftover chicken to eat, BUT YOU SMOKE YOUR BUTTS ANYWAY!!!!!

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