Im Back (pallet Smokehouse Build)

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by masonman1345, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Fellow Smokers,
    This is Ron,
    I have been gone for a while after having an accident, but i'm back now. Still recovering but i'm ready to star my Smokehouse build i promised 3 years ago.
    Well tomorrow is the day. I'm gonna use stuff I have around the house, and if my wife leaves I was thinking about jacking the landscape stones in front of the house for my firebox. We will see if I can get away with it.
    Anyway I will post as I go pics. Hope it turns out ok.
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    Welcome back, looking forward to your build, post lots of photos!
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    Ron welcome back and im glad your recovering from your accident.

    Cant wait to see the build.
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    I will be watching your build.

    I am planning a smokehouse build this winter.
  5. Just to let you all know my plans. I will be building a smokehouse out of some old pallets I got from my job. I figured the cost to be less than $100. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, but want a great smokeouse keep checking back. I am about 5 hours from the ground breaking. Getting excited.
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    Watching, cant wait to see this!
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    Funny I was just thinking the other day about pallet wood for a smokehouse. People build all sorts of things out of them so a smokehouse is a logical choice. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
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    Welcome back Ron. Don't forget the photos [​IMG]
  11. Quick question, I was going to use either a piece of PVC Pipe or Dryer air duct for my section between the fire box and the smokehouse. Would either one or both of these work? I'm on a mission to use items just laying around the house.
  12. jarjarchef

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    Dryer duct.
    PVC can melt and maybe some bad fumes from it too.

    Make sure no galvanized metal either. Again toxic fumes when it gets hot.
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    What kind of firebox and are you using regular firewood....

    If firewood, I would use black stove pipe... probably at least 8" or bigger.... and loooooong, if you are planning on cold smoking....
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  14. I have an old smoker that I got several years ago. It is one of those that is about 2' tall & 1' deep. I was going to convert it into a firebox. As I said earlier, I'm trying to use things I have around the house to build the best Smokehouse I can. I would love to build a Smokehouse like some I have see on the site from other members, but I want to do it this way to show others that they can build one with inexpensive items, usually found around the house.
  15. Just got the last of the pallets from my job. Getting ready for the build! Yippie
  16. Ok, here we go. Started on the frame of my new pallet Smokehouse. As of now there is no cost since I have been able to use the screws that where in the pallets to begin with. As you can see I have my 6 year old helper with me. My family calls him the SHADOW. He got that nickname because every since he started walking he has been my shadow. We are best friends/father & son. I will post another pick tomorrow when I get more done. Thanks for checking it out with me.

  17. jarjarchef

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    This will be a good one. Thumbs Up

    You and Shadow will rember this for years to come. I know my helper and I still talk about our adventure. She even did a comp with me a few weeks ago. She walked with me when I got the call.
  18. I am thinking your fire box is not going to be big enough for your smoker.


    Happy smoken.

  19. The size is 70" tall x 40" wide & 30" deep. I would think the firebox size would be ok for cold smoking since it has to be done at so low temps. When I decide to hot smoke I can use a heat source inside the smokehouse. If I'm  wrong, please let me know.
  20. For cold smoking it will  be ok  for a lot of things. Since you are in Texas any little bit of heat will get you into hot smoking. I know you are building with what you have. Keep the pics coming. It may take a little tweaking but that is half of the fun of it. If not we would just all use a microwave.

    Happy smoken.


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