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    ...fighting with our wireless provider over money we didn't owe them ($1,100.00, give or take)...hate is a strong word, but I do hate the idiots these big corporations put at a customer service computer desk, most of which can't speak a word of (((ENGLISH))) clearly, let alone have enough sense to figure out when they are wrong and make it right, on the spot.

    Long story short, my Blackberry is still off-line and my connect card works (they're truely idiots for not even being able to figure out what is tied to our account). When our contracts expire on these phones, service will be permanently terminated while we go elsewhere for our communications needs. Sux to be them if running off 8-year customers is the way they want to do business...'cause word of mouth travels wide and far.

    Anyway, just wanted you all to know I wasn't ignoring anyone...jeez, I've got a ton or two to catch up on now.


  2. fpnmf

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    Man I know that drill.

    Glad you aren't taking personal.

     Have a great day!!

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    I've got Verizon, and a DROID

    Downloaded PdaNet App for my DROID.  Gives me a "Free Hot Spot"

    Verizon has UNLIMITED Data

    Check them out

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  4. nwdave

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    Makes me glad I'm technologically challenged when it comes to them new fangled things.  My adult children snicker when I ask "how do I" on the cell phone.  That's all right, their next smoked offering from me might be burnt if they don't knock it off.
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    I work for a internet/phone provider and I am use to dealing with people who don't pay their bills. It gets really frustrating when they don't pay their bills for months and they expect service. For those instances I have no sympathy for people but when people pay their bills and they have to deal with companies to try and get their stuff working I totally understand how people get pissed off. I would be to.
  6. forluvofsmoke

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    Yeah, things were going pretty well for a long time, then, the provider went through a corporate take-over a year or two ago, and customer service went down the tubes. They just seem to have way too much on their plates to handle it all, from the the way things have changed so drastically.

    I'm just glad to finally be back on-line...no phones or internet sux, especially when the bills are paid, and you know you're in the right.

    Todd, our plan (I won't mention the provider's name...don't want to bash them publicly) includes unlimited internet, long distance, and currently unlimited text on most of our phones except mine and maybe one other (I don't text much, so save a couple bucks not having unlimited test for me)...pretty much the works, though, for 5 phones, plus the card (which we could do without using a blackberry for a modem). If they could only keep our account records straight...man, it's gotten downright frustrating for the past year.

    The blackberry or other internet phones are nice if you're on the go alot like me, but they do require a learning curve like anything else, and a bit of extra cash for the service. Also, for an internet modem, they're about like dial-up for speed, so you have to be patient, but we can run several computers at the same time with a data cable for each unit and have separate connections.

    I like being able to email or check SMF posts now and then when I'm not driving...sure can make my long days at work more enjoyable when I can stay connected. Man, I think I was about to go stir crazy a couple days ago already...5 days with no communications was a bit of a stretch for me.

    That does sound like a surprise dinner would get your kid's attention...a botched up grilled meat that was supposed to be smoked, instead? LOL!!!!
    Oh, yeah, I hear ya on the deliinquent customers. You can't blame a company for not giving away their services...they do have a board of directors to answer to, and are held accountable for how they conduct business. In our situation, if you forget the billing due date, it's not big deal to pay over the phone, but when your service is interupted mid-month and they tell you they need a rather sizable amount of cash to re-instate service...yeah, that was the last straw.

    We went to a retail outlet nearby and talked to their local rep after several calls with no results. That local rep had them back-stepping in no time at all. The phones (most) were back on before we walked out the door 2 minutes later (I know, crazy-fast).

    Anyway, we'll ride out our contract time on what we have, and since they were all purchased at different times, we'll just drop one phone at a time and replace it with one not including a contract...the contracts really suck in these situations...keep the phone and keep paying the bill and getting raunchy service, or dump the phone and pay a couple hundred bucks per phone for breach of contract (in the case of the blackberries, I think it's about $400/ea)...they gotcha coming and going on the contracts.

  7. Eric, I bet your monthly bill was never late, was it?  These companies really burn my biscuit when it comes to anything to do with customer service!  My broadband provider is now Time Warner and they are so much better than the previous carrier it's not funny!  My wireless company is a regional company but they have an agreement with every large company out there, I pay the bill which covers cell phone, text, Internet and all the bells and whistles, cost me $48.00 per month and I have never used more time than I have although I use the cell phone more than many people do, Appalachian Wireless may sound like a company for red necks but those of us who use them know they are on top of everything.  Good luck and may I say that Verizon is a very good company, they have my phone service at home (land line), if something goes wrong they are here no later than the next day to fix it, excellent customer service. Just hold on till the contract is out! Glad to have you back my friend!

    Your SMF Friend,

    Barry [​IMG]
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    Been there and done that. Glad to know you're back online with the SMF. It's all good my friend.
  9. smokinal

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    I hear you Eric, Most CS reps just want you to go away, but the ones that really get to me are the health ins. companies. Talk about a run around. Anyhow glad your back!
  10. tjohnson

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    U.S. Companies should be penalized if they use foreign customer service reps!!!

    Just My $.02!!!

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