If You're Ever in Puerto Vallarta...

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    ...You definately have to check out this place, El Rio BBQ 


    My wife and I just got back from Puerto Vallarta, MX, and we traveled up river to Paso Ancho to visit El Rio. I had a 1/4 rack of their bbq pork ribs, and she had the pulled pork sandwich, with beans and potato salad sides. There were 2 distinctions about this place that were apparent right away. One is that they do not cut the ribs into bb's, spares, and tips like we do here. The rib is served whole from top to bottom, and 1/4 rack was more than enough for even a big bbq eater like me. They have a very nice restuarant dog named Julietta, who sits nearby to help out with that.

    The other thing is their choice of smoking wood. Mango! Not something readily available to most of us, but I'd sure trade a box of apple wood for some of their mango.

    The only bad thing here is I have to admit that their bbq almost completely tops mine. I think I still have an edge on the sauce, but the meat was out of this world.

    The restaurant is on a beautiful riverbank with seating on the beach or up above in a bamboo hut. Everything is exceptionally clean, even the bathrooms.

    Shot of my ribs.

    Pic of us enjoying the afternoon. Bucket of 5 beers for $100 pesos!

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    Looks awesome! And a nice place to enjoy some Q...JJ
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    Great Pics!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!


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