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    On those many nights I don't sleep, I keep the TV for company while I try to do other tasks like holding my head up and rubbing my dogs belly while they are out like a light

    But...tonight is a program called "Favotite Foods". This episode is called "wine" and is a detailed dissertation on the production of wine, growth of vineyards, development of root stock and grafts and how modern technology can pinpoint needs for soils, planting and the kinds of vineyards that are best suited for the location.

    There is highly entertaining information on harvesting by hand and machine as well as how light, soils and sunlight affect the wine. They show Bronco Winery and how they can bottle 55,000 cases a day.

    We were at the Chateau Montelena in Napa where they show how it developed before and during prohibition as well as the 1976 completion in France that changed opinions of California wines overnight.

    If you get this channel I highly recommend you search for this program and check out this episode .... Hell, they rerun the heck out of these shows anyway so I'm sure it will be on again shortly.

    Plus it covers the Champagne section of France including Dom Perrignon and Perrier-Jouet

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  2. What an adorable photo!!!!

    And thanks for that great shared tip, as I will keep an eye out! How fun!

    The history and nuances of bubbly are so very fun!!!! Sabering that open with a sword is as well!


    Happy new and very marvelous week to all! Make it delicious!

    Cheers! - Leah

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