If you could build the perfect vertical?????

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by radio, Jul 18, 2015.

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    Something along the lines of a New Braunfels Bandera, but with a bit more room in the CC, what would it be?  I'm thinking 20X24X40  or perhaps 24X24 X40 with 6 slideout expanded metal shelves.  Proportional FB with a heavy, flat lid so the heat doesn't pool above the FB/CC opening and two inlet dampers, one at the bottom for draft and one near the top to direct the heat to the CC

    I recently made friends with a guy who has a fabricating shop and exceptional welding skills.  He has built several smokers, but I want a design that doesn't have to be modded or monkeyed with after the build other than a minor tweak or two.

    Cost is a consideration as I'm not independently wealthy, but it needs to be thick enough to hold heat better than the bandera
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    Here are some scribbles of a vertical reverse flow I have done....... haven't built it yet....

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    Thanks Dave!  I can easily comprehend RF on a horizontal unit, but can't completely wrap my head around a vertical RF.  Heat, and therefore smoke, rises and I can't envision a VRF having enough draw to evacuate the smoke without a barn burner of a fire going.  'Course I have no education or experience in thermal dynamics[​IMG]

    That would be a beast of a smoker and soooo even in CC temps!
  4. daveomak

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    YEP.... That's what I figure.... I decided on a 1/2" plate to separate the FB from the CC to even out the heat and thermal mass.... That unit, like other RF smokers, needs to be air tight to keep stuff working good......

    If you build it, please document it here for others to watch....

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    I like an offset FB, but your idea of the 1/2 plate is a wonderful design and the integrated FB keeps the footprint small.

    Have you ever seen a vertical RF in use?  I'm wondering what the actual operation of one would be like fire size and maintenance wise?  would a small fire smother out due to lack of draw in the CC?  would the smoke pool and cause a creosote taste?

    I'm hesitant to go for an experimental design unless it's proven to work well, so anyone with input, please post up
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    They work great... Seen pics..... The dual set air inlets allow for heat control and temp control... No creosote due to upper air inlet...

    Works just like the RF design RW and I and other members put together the tutorial for...

    It's not really experimental.... all the parts have been taken from known, well operating systems...

    As long as the 2 heat channels and 1 exhaust channel are large enough to move heat, it will work perfect..... they CAN be made oversize to insure good operation....
  7. radio

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    Thanks for the info.  If this comes to fruition, I will be picking your brain this winter when the fabricator has some slow time.  He said he has plenty of Roxul insulation, so we might insulate a double wall instead of using heavier steel in the CC and FB.

    below is a smoker he did for a fellow hunting forum member


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