If the smoke is white it's right?

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  1. This was taken from the CharGriller   website.

    You may want to sear certain foods before smoking by placing meat directly above coals with LID open and FIRE GRATE in high (hot) position for several minutes. Add flavor soaked wood chips to the fire and add 1 part marinade, beer or wine to 3 parts water to the drip pan. OPENING THE SMOKING CHAMBER WILL EXTEND COOKING TIME. Cooking with meat thermometer ensures food is fully cooked. Insert thermometer into thickest part not touching bone, and allow five minutes to register. Internal temperature for birds should be 170F to 180F or when leg moves easily in joint. Meat should be cooked to internal temperature of 140F for rate, 160F for medium and 170F for well done. Check the water level when cooking more than 4 hours or when you can’t hear the water simmering. Add water by moving meat over and pouring water through GRILL into WATER PAN. IF THE SMOKE IS WHITE, THE FIRE’S RIGHT. IF THE SMOKE IS BLACK, ADD SOME DRAFT.
  2. Sounds Sooty and dry. Who knows how long ago that was written. But the temps for poultry are not right. The USDA updated the safe temp to 165 for poultry.

    I can agree with some of the info, but not most. Looks like they need to update the site!
  3. If the smoke is black, you have a grease fire and it's time to order in
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    How's this look?

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    When grilling anything goes... Your food is only in the smoke for minutes....

    That's different from 2-36 hours....
  7. Looks bluish on my monitor.  Consider it lots of thin blue smoke LOL
  8. Now your SMOKIN!
  9. If the smoke is white, you'll have creosote tonight

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