Ideas for Temp control in my custom modified freezer smoker

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    Alright guys... first I hope that I am posting this in the right place. If not I apologize in advance and feel free to move to the necessary spot. Again I apologize if I added this to the wrong spot in the forum.

    Ok... so I love the smoker that the fiancés uncle help me throw together and it has made some delicious eats! However, the main problem I am having is holding temps. With that being said I will try and give some information on my smoker build to help with some possible suggestions.

    What I did was take apart a efficiency size stove that ran on a 220 plug. I took the larger burner (believe it was  8 inch) and one of the smaller burners (believe that may have been a six inch) and made two steel plates with legs and mounted them at the bottom of a flour freezer (double door freezer you would see at food establishments). I kept all the wiring from each knob to the matching burners and wired it up to a plug for 220 from the outlet in the garage. Both of the burners work properly and turn on and off and both will run full bore but, there is nothing in my custom build to kick them on and off at my desired temp. It gets really annoying when trying to dry out jerky because the temp spikes here and there.

    sorry if I sound illiterate but, just trying to explain the best that I can lol. Im not sure the actual output of those two burners and where I need to go from here to get something fairly simple (hopefully I can figure it out) to wire in to regulate the temp in my smoker. That way I don't have TO baby sit it constantly while im smoking good eats.

    Does anybody have some opinions on what I should do? maybe some fairly inexpensive solutions to this problem with my smoker? If I didn't give all the information needed or if just rambled and it doesn't make sense, feel free to message me or post here. Im open to anything at this point. If I could get this figured out, this smoker would ultimately be an amazing thing lol.

    I have seen people post some videos with a PID? not even sure how I could incorporate that in my smoker. Some of them had a fan as well? Didn't know what purpose that served exactly. I just put my chips in a pan and wet em down and put the burner on high until they start smoking, then gradually turn the temp down and let them burn themselves. Ive done pretty good so far with micromanaging this smoker since I built it. Made a lot of good eats..just would love it if I could set A TEMP and the controller would kick the elements both on and off when needed. Thanks guys and here are a few pics to help. It does have a stack with a damper.

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