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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jaxrmrjmr, Apr 21, 2013.

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    Element went out and I guess it's dead - can't get the company to respond if it can be changed.  I was thinking of a making a jerkey dehydrator out of it by using a fan to force air through it - sort of like a dehydrator.  Any suggestions?
  2. wjordan52

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    I owned an MES 30 a couple of years ago and had the same thing happen. It worked perfectly for about a year, then suddenly stopped. I also tried to get support from the mfg. and was offered a 'discount' off their price for a replacement (the cost would have been a little more than they sold for at local stores at the time).

    There was no way to get to the element w/o disassembling the unit, so I did. I found that the power leads at the element connection had corroded. Would have been an easy fix, but frankly I was so disappointed by the materials and workmanship I saw while taking it apart I didn't bother.

    In all fairness I have read posts here from folks who had great success with Masterbilt's customer service, so I would try to contact them again. These are good smokers when they're working, and they may be able to offer some help.

    Good luck... and keep us posted.

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