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  1. just so you know i am a complete beginner at smoking, ive been doing some reading and i know i have a whole lot of learning to do. i posted these details in the roll call message but being a member of other forums i know not all read the newcomer messages so here goes. please tell me if you think theres a problem all feedback welcomed. what i want to do is a hot/cold smoker 3' wide X 2' deep X 6' tall with layered walls. the outside will be tongue and groove boards probably pine but whatever is cheapest on a 2x2 frame then a layer of fiberglass insulation inside of that, then a layer of concrete board, then i have some 1/4" spacers that i would like to use to create a dead air space between the concrete board and what will be the inside layer aluminum flashing. thought the dead air would give a little more heat seperation and insulation from the flammable materials on the outside so that i could go to higher inside temps like 200-300 deg on the hot smoking side dont know if i need to go that high or not. going to use a propane burner for the heat source with a cast iron pan for the wood chips. on the cold side was gonna look into a pellet burner. sorry about the long post just wanted to give a good mental picture of what im thinking and dont have a scanner available for my drawings. i wont start collecting materials other than the wood till i get some feedback and know im going in the right direction. thanks for reading and for any wisdom you could give in advance.

     ok you can tell me what a moron i am now  lol
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    That's a pretty sound design plan, IMHO. You're adding measures for thermal protection to help prevent any issues with all sounds like a solid design...I say roll with it!!!

    You're definitely not a have good planning skills and have covered all the details very well.

  3. Hello JimHolmes.  [​IMG].  Eric know his stuff.  Sounds a good design to me.  I also think that dead air space is a good idea.  Sometimes folks forget the insulating properties of just an air space.  My only addition would be to look in to the AMZPS and type "maibox mod" into the search bar.  Good Luck.  Keep Smokin!

  4. i was thinking of the amzps for the cold smoke saw the build with the mailbox cant remember but think it was daves. the airspace idea i was just thinking like thermal pane windows i know they use argon and nitrogen but figured maybe the dead air would have some good properties. glad to hear that you guys think its a good idea ill start sourcing everything and get started on it going to take a while with work and other things on the front burner right now but i'll take pics along the way
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      Sounds like a plan! Be sure to keep us posted.


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