I'd love to tell ya that I'll be up all night......

Discussion in 'Beef' started by damon555, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I'd love to tell ya that I'll be up all night but that would be a lie. The smoker will be running all night with a 12.5 pound brisket on there but instead of me the BBQ Guru NanoQ will be standing guard. I've used it a couple times now and trust it to run on it's own.

    I'm trying something different with the brisket. I normally inject with a mixture of spices, beef broth and worcestershire sauce. I purchased some worcestershire powder a while back and discovered that it makes fantastic sauce. This time around the injection is nothing more than beef broth, onion powder, creole seasoning and the new powder. Using the powder instead of the liquid form really concentrates the flavors.The rub I'm using consists of a paste made from some leftover injection mix and montreal steak seasoning....If it tastes half as good as it smells I'll be a very happy camper. 

    Here she is ready to hit the WSM......

    I'll be tossing on some pork spare ribs in the morning too. I've volunteered to provide the main course for our fathers day lunch/dinner.

    I'm celebrating my very first fathers day not only as a step dad but also with the fruit of my loins who is merely 10 days old. Meet Scout.....my little boy!

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    Congrats on both accounts. Handsome young fellow you got there. Of course with one that young, you and or Mom may be up all night any way...JJ
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    Congrats!  Like JJ said, you may end up being up all night anyway.

    Enjoy them.  I have four.  The oldest is almost 20 and in the Army.  The youngest just turned 3 last month. I just learned this past week that our oldest is going to make me a grandfather at the ripe old age of 38!
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    [​IMG]       on everything, especially the Little ones and (those?) to come [​IMG]
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    Belated Happy Birthday Scout!! And congrates Damon.
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    Thanks fellas!

    The spares went on at 0745 and the brisket is cruising right along sitting @ 178. I'm gonna pull it off @ 190 separate the point from the flat, wrap the flat in foil and put it in the cooler and give it a nice long rest. The point is going to be made into burnt ends.....I've finished the burnt ends in the oven before but never the smoker....I can't wait to try them out that way.

    Can you guys give me any pointers on how to do the burnt ends on the WSM? How much longer do they need to go back on the smoker? What kind of consistency am I looking for? Should I rub them down or use BBQ sauce? Having done them in the oven I've always just warmed them back up with whatever sauce or rub I was using at that time.
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