i think i just found the coolest smoker ever

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by macboogie, May 21, 2013.

  1. macboogie

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    So i'm on eBay searching for custom patio smokers just to see what's out there and come across this:

    Sure it's not the most efficient use of space but DAMN IS THIS THING SLICK! The beer can crusher is just the novelty touch to take it over the top. If i had disposable income i'd buy it just for the looks lol. 
  2. macboogie

    macboogie Newbie

    it's not mine i'm in no way affiliated so i just posted the video instead of the link to the auction just in case someone thought i was trying to promote my own stuff, i wish i was that lucky to own this.
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  3. pgsmoker64

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    That is WAY COOL!!!

    If he wants to sell it, I bet Johnny Trigg would be interested!

  4. macboogie

    macboogie Newbie

    bro it's on eBay and only at like $810 right now. i wasn't going to post the link i didnt want someone thinking i was affiliated and just promoting my own stuff but if someone here is interested i will. if mods want me to pull it just let me know. 


    i'm sure the reserve is way above that but idk he did include his number. i swear if i had the extra money and a reason (like i owned the gun store i've always dreamed of having) it would be a no brainer for me. imagine the publicity you get just driving with that thing if you owned a gun store and covered it in your logo's. i'd even keep a few pieces of wood burning in it just enough to make the barrel smoke while i drove .
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