I smoked a beer can chicken yesterday, What a High!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by hibobm, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. hibobm

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    Sorry bad pun.

    I had people coming over that got there before I was ready, so no pics.  I realized my first mistake, the chicken was too big for the lid to close securely on my Weber kettle.  That being said, everything else worked real well.  I combined two recipes from youtube.  The first was the barbeque U beer can chicken.  I used his cooking settings and an adaption of his injection (just beer, butter, and some of my rub).  But I used Famous Dave's for the application of the rub.  They used rub with butter and smeared it all over.  Besides being massively messy it worked great.  I also used there idea about putting the chicken on a pan and adding beer to it as well.

    I pulled the chicken off after an 1hour and half to an 1 hour 45 minutes when it hit 170.  This was the moistest chicken I have ever eaten.  It also tasted great.  What I need to work on is how to crisp the skin.  I do love crispy skin.  Anyone got ideas?  
  2. smokinal

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    If the kettle was above 300 degrees you should of had crispy skin, especially with the butter rub or didn't you use the butter on the skin. Olive oil will work well too, smeared on the skin before cooking.
  3. realtorterry

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    After 15 posts you gotta know      [​IMG]
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  4. hibobm

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    Again, humbly beg for apology for no pics.  SmokinAl I was at 325 to 375 the whole time.  I did wrap it in tin foil for it's 1/2 hour rest, would that have killed it?
  5. hibobm

    hibobm Smoke Blower

    By the way, I took all the juices from the pan the chicken was in.  Got rid of the fat then boiled it.  Turned into one heck of a great sauce!
  6. smokinal

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    Yes wrapping it in tin foil would soften the skin.
  7. meateater

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    I need Qview! [​IMG]
  8. pat king

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  9. pat king

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    Yeah,I was afraid you had gone to smoking that other stuff[​IMG]    LMAO.
  10. chef willie

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    must have a helluva big chicken not to fit in the Weber
  11. oldschoolbbq

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        HUH[​IMG]   What big Chicken[​IMG]  what did I miss[​IMG]  I', Confused[​IMG]
  12. hibobm

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    It was a monster.  8lbs.  When standing on the beer can it came about an inch at the beginning and a 1/2 inch by the end too tall.  Shockingling it cooked pretty good which relatively even cooking.
  13. davidhef88

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    I would believe it if I could see it.
  14. alaskanbear

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    wow got to get new glasses, as I dont see a single yard bird here at all.. damm, sowwy ,

  15. crazzycajun

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  16. crazzycajun

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    The orange thing defintely gave good flavor (different) they wife and kids were heading for the drive in so i did it on the grill with no time for q-view and like the others said get your heat up or finish it on the grill for approx 30 min.
  17. africanmeat

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    Sound good  [​IMG]  do it again and take pics[​IMG]

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