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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by gotsmoke80, May 31, 2015.

  1. So I know we have about a thousand of these posts I know I've read em all, and while some questions where similar none really hit this nail on the head.   I am looking to add a smoker since well I am eventually hoping to start doing big meat in about two years , see my intro if you want more details on that.

    So my question , is do I go Off set smoker or stay with the open grill and add a vertical smoker I know both can do brisket

    ** if you are from Texas you gotta have brisket and its my favorite when done right** I am just worried that the lower end off sets have week metal from what I have read.

    With that I am kind of stuck,I have a $500 limit just to get started,  So need something that can handle a constant use i.e

    3-4 times a week. Not at first but once I get it down I plan on doing pop-ups at local sporting events etc, until I can build capital to buy a rig like this


    Then from there a brick an mortar establishment some where that can hold 100-150 people capacity. Will run Wed-Sun

    Currently I use an oversized flat surface grill which I have rigged up when I wana do ribs and throw in some wood chips for flavor but that's just cheating.

    So here is a recap of what I am looking for

    -Cook multiple styles of meat at once

    -Something that can handle a large brisket . 

    - Handle a low -n -slow 225-250 for 10-15 hours *brisket is 1.5-2hrs per lb.*  Obviously I wont start there but that is the end goal

    So shoot me your .02 
  2. cliffcarter

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    22.5" WSM will fit your requirements and your budget IMHO.
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  3. noboundaries

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    I'll second the 22.5" WSM.  Best bang for the buck and no mods necessary, but available if you want them, and most of them are just bling.   
  4. My food is my bling HA!  What is a 22.5" WSM as I type I just google , if going Vertical what about something like the DG off set

    I could do one of these And an Off set.  I am thinking from a business stand point,  I will have always running sasauge , hot links ,

    brisket/pork butt and chicken depending on the price.
  5. loock28

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    22.5 inch weber smokey mountain. it is a bulet style smoker with a water pan. they are very good smokers I have an 18 inch one and love it. very effecient they use charcoal and wood chunks.

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