I need some advice on building a smoke house.

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by mull3915, May 30, 2015.

  1. I have a question for those who live in the south, I want to build a wooden smokehouse to mainly smoke sausage and andouille. My question is, Would you advise building one with an insulated smoking chamber if my only intention is to smoke sausage? I have a UDS which I have been using for the last eight years to cook Brisket, Butts and Chickens and intend to continue to use it since I have it dialed in and love the flavor it produces.  I think I already know the answer but some input from those who have them will be helpful.  Have any of you build one with either plywood or cedar fence boards and wished they would have done it differently?  As of now, my plans are to build a rather simple smoker out of Cedar fence boards with a metal lined burner chamber. Any input, comments or advice will be greatly appreciated and valued.
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    Still building on mine, but I am not going to insulate it, I hope it will work out for me, just a little west of ya here in Texas.  I will let ya know when I get things cooking.
  3. Thanks KRBoyd,  My concern is, since I live in the south, I don't want to hold too much heat inside the smoker.  I really don't plan on running it above 200 degrees, I think I should be be able to hit that temperature in the winter with no problems.
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    Don't think that will be a problem for ya

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