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    Before we found this site my other half went bear hunting and bagged a small bear. Which we took to a meat processor. We had some  made into ground bacon and some into Breakfast links.. Neither of them have much taste..and the little taste they do have .. well lets say isn't my forte....Don't get me wrong it isn't the meat I actually prefer to eat the bear meat over the ven.. How or what can we do to improve these and make them into something we want to eat... Can I smoke them into sticks and if so would I need to cure them ?? Or anybody else have any ideas...???

    Thank goodness we found you guys before deer camp Because the Ven. Bacon we made with your guidance turned out awesome..

    Working on the dried venison, Bearcarver  posted now..which I'm sure will be gone as soon as it is completed and believe me Miracle whip & white bread are already lined up..and I'm salivating thinking how good it's going to be.. 
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    got to tell you i don't like bear meat,tried it a couple times different ways just has a bad taste to me,but can't you just add seasonings that you like and make patties and freeze them for grilling or use it for meatloaf.when i do my deer i just use garlic,salt,sugar and black pepper and that comes out great.if your going to smoke them as long as you smoke at a higher temp. i don't think you'll need cure,but if you plan to smoke at a low temp.i would look into using the cure,i'm no pro at this so maybe some of the other people could give more info. good luck.
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    I was trying to figure something out without removing from small casings..anything worth a try though..

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