I need help Pre-heating and Keeping a long low burn. Please help

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by niy-45, May 7, 2011.

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    Hey guys im reposting this message, I got busy at work and couldnt respond to the last on.  I have been smoking for about 2 months now and I could use some tips/instructions on pre-heating my smoker and how to keep a sustained burn for a long period of time so I dont have to keep opening the smoker. I have a American Gourmet 600 seriees by Char-broil.  Its cast iron and is 435 square inces.
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    Minnion method. From the looks of it you have a charcoal grill. You can put a couple of chimneys of unlit charcoal on one side then put about 1/2 chimney of lit coals on top of the unlit and it will burn for a long time. You put your meat on the other side of the grill so it's indirect heating, then throw a couple of wood chunks on the coals & your smoking!
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    Its a smoker/grill I mainly bought it to smoke not to grill, will that make any difference.
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    You will be grilling indirect-meat on one side, coals on the other, I take it. You may or may not have success using the Minion method depending on how air tight your grill is. if it is not very tight you run the risk of having all the coals lit even with your intake vent closed, if this is the case then you have no choice but to add small amounts of coals and tend the fire until the temp stabilizes. I would put 1/2 chimney of unlit coals in the cooker, leaving a 3 inch space between it and the air intake and then add 10-12 fully lit coals to this space. Leave the vent open until you reach your desired temp and then close the vent. You will probably still have to keep cracking or closing the intake vent to maintain temps but you will add fuel less often. I would also use a quality briquette such as Stubbs. 
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    NiY-45 the unit that you have is better suited for grilling, you can use it for smoking but as others have stated, you'll have to use the indirect method.  When funds permit, you may want to look at the Char-broil units that are set up for smoke as they include a side firebox.  Depending on how handy your are with tools, you might be able to marry up a Char-griller side firebox to your unit but you'll need to cut out an opening.

    Also, please take a few minutes and learn the layout of the Smoking Meat Forums-it looks like you've been posting all of your questions in the Roll-call section.

    Enjoy the smoke!
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    Yeah... like Dutch said, you need to get the side fire box (SFB) that goes with the Char-grillers. If you look on the right hand end of your grill you should see a football shaped blanked off opening, that is where your SFB attaches. You have to knock out the blanking plate, knock out the blanking plate in the SFB, then bolt the two together. Then when you smoke stuff you build your fire in the SFB using a charcoal basket and the minion method.
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    Wow thanks guys. 
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    This site has tons of info.

    I would suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

    Then use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

    Have a great day!!!


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