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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by magnum3672, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. So, I made some sausage today using Pops simple pepper,salt,sage recipe and I have some questions.

    First off I ground the pork on a medium plate then added the spices.  Mixed it as best I could then ran it through the fine plate.

    I then fried to taste test it but it seemed a bit weak on the spices.  First off I used rubbed sage instead of ground and I don't know if that affects how much flavor goes into the pork and then I mixed mid-grind.

    I could really use some suggestions about how (post grind) to make it a bit more flavorful (or if it sits it will get better).

  2. daveomak

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    If you ground and added spices and reground without letting the mix sit in the refer for, overnight say, the spices may not have had time to "blossom".

    If you had trouble with regrinding, some folks cube the meat and add spices then let sit for a day or 2, then grind... I do not know what difference there would be... just thinking out loud... I know I have trouble feeding the grinder on a regrind... my grinder prefers cubed meat..

  3. It fed fine, its just that the spices are lackluster.
  4. daveomak

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    How long were the spices mixed with the meat before the fry test???
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    How old are the spices? They will generally lose their flavor over time. Also ground sage is more concentrated as rubbed sage is more of a crumbled version. That may be your issue. The quantities would be different if you are substituting one for another. Think of it as the difference between crumpling a piece of paper and shredding it into tiny bits. You wil be able to fit more paper into a smaller area if it is in smaller pieces. Hope that helps!

  6. The spices weren't mixed very long, I think thats my issue.  Thanks!
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    The fry test is just that. A test to see what your flavor will be. The final flavor will be somewhat different, but I would take notes & add whatever spice you may want, then fry test again. When I'm experimenting I only make a couple of pounds. I keep a couple of links & give the rest away to some of our friends who give me their honest opinion. Sausage for us is a work in progress until we get it right. It's kinda like ribs. For me it's more fun making it than it is eating it.
  8. The flavor was good, it was an intensity issue.  I'll try again tomorrow morning to see where I sit.
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    I'm with Dave on this one. I grind the sausage and then spice it and then let it rest in the refrig overnight and do a fry test before I stuff it. That way you can see what it's gonna taste like before you stuff it.
  10. I didn't stuff it, its "bulk".  Stuffing is another project later.

    Actually for breakfast sausage I'm a fan of patties vs links.  Call me crazy

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