I need everyones help, made bacon but something went wrong..............

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by stayhot, Apr 25, 2015.

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    I soaked the bellies in Pop's brine for about 10 days, rinsed and patted dry. I then cold smoked it with apple wood for 6 1/2 hours last night but the bellies are real wet and have no smoke color at all?? ANY help would be really appreciated!! Can I add hot smoke to salvage the bellies because I really don't want to throw all this away. The temp here was in the low 40's and when I pulled them last night they spent the night in the fridge.

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    After brine curing bellies, I let them sit in the refer for a couple days to help lose excess water....

    Place them on a wire rack with a fan blowing on them...... until a pellicle has formed.... the outside of the bacon will be dry to the touch.... hang in the smoker at 70 ish degrees for several hours until the bacon warms to ambient temperature..... then cold smoke....
    never smoke cold food.... condensate will form on the product....

    Go ahead and form the pellicle now, hang in the smoker until they are warm and smoke them again.... no problem....
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    Agree with Dave.

    Bellies have to be dry to take on smoke. I remove mine from the brine, soak for an hour or so.
    Pat them dry with paper towels and then into the fridge on open rack overnight. I then take
    racks out and put them on table and let a fan run on them for about an hour. They will get
    a bit tacky to the touch....pellicule.

    I cold smoke on a Hollow Smoke (mailbox modified) electric using an AMNPS 60-70 degrees F).
    Most of my bellies take 16 or more hours to get to good color. Color is how I judge when done.
    They wont develop good smoke color until after 12 or more hours.

    In your case you should still be good. Spending the night in the fridge will help dry then out. Pat them dry
    and run another 6 hour smoke on them, see how they look. If they need more, refridge again and repeat.

    I smoke mine over a few days and into the refer while resting. I use brown paper lunchbags while in the refer.


  4. what the other guys have said, I like to hang mine. guaranteed to get rid of any moisture (so it doesn't pool in one area).....i'll run mine for an hour or 2 at 100f with no smoke....if they have lots of moisture..maybe crack open the smoker just a bit the first hour.

  5. Good advice 
  6. forgot to mention, when I did my first run of bacon in the MES30, I had 3 pieces each on a rack...I notice the bottom one had some juice that dripped from the upper pieces and kinda pool in the middle...that piece didn't take on the smoke as good...what I did was flip it half way thru...hence the reason I like to hang it.


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