I need a how to for salami!

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  1. Ok so I am fairly new at smoking going on about 6 months now. So that gives you an idea of what level I'm at. This old man i knew who has passed on used to make deer salami once a year and it was the best stuff I have ever eaten. No one got his recipe. All I can do is describe it. I don't think he used a casing and I'm about 95% sure it wasn't slow smoked or cured. It looked more like a really small loaf than a circular tube. When I would unwrap the tin foil it would be this hard black loaf, but cut into it and it was better than any meat deli salami I've ever seen. Ok so everything I've seen on here takes weeks to a month to make I'm not certain but fairly sure he made his in a weekend. Does anybody have any ideas about this? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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