I love the bags from Vacum Sealers Unlimited!!! Pics included!!

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  1. lisa b

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    If you go to E-Bay and type "Freezer labels" into the search bar, you will find a selection of them.  They look really reasonable.  I buy a lot of little things like that on E-Bay.

    Good luck!

    Lisa B.

  2. dougmays:  I've been thinking along the same lines.  Lately I have been toying with the idea of getting a stamp made with my logo on it (as permanent marker seems to hold up well to fridge/freezer conditions) and stamping the bags--thoughts?
  3. fpnmf

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    I use a sharpie...works great...

    On the top part of the bag that is not sealed...

  4. dward51

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    Sharpie for me too. 

    I usually write on the body of the bag before I fill it.  If you try to write on the body after you have cold meat in the bag the outside of the bag starts to condense moisture and the sharpie does not want to write.  I like to use the main body as I have more room and can write nice nice and big.  I only use my bags once but the end would work better for those who try to get more than one use out of them.
  5. fpnmf

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    Wrinkled bags seem to be too hard to read...I like the the nice neat top method..

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  6. wes w

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  7. doctord1955

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    I use  Dymo postage address label printer!  Can print just about anything you want on it and if your better than me u can put logos on it!  Fits on flat top of bags!
  8. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    my handwriting is awful so sharpie might not be my best choice :) LOL

    i think the rubber stamp idea instead of acrylic is the way to go...more pliable
  9. I use Avery Weatherproof Laser Labels (Avery 5520) They stick really well and don't peel under moist conditions in the fridge.

  10. fpnmf

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    If ya get a stamp you will still have to write on the thing to show whats in the package....
    Here ya go....

    Now all ya need is a laser printer and the time to set it all up and print labels...

    I kinda like the easy way...put the stuff in the bag ..weigh it...seal it..introduce it to mr sharpie and into the freezer..

       Have a great day!!

  11. lisa b

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    Hi everyone,

    The weather is warming up and more people are outside smoking! The April discount code expired, and I want to give all my Smoking Meat forum members the new discount code. The new code is valid through May 31, 2013.

    Save 10% off all of your FoodSaver supplies and our VacMaster vacuum sealing residential equipment.

    Just enter  SM513  at checkout and the discount will automatically be applied

    We also carry chamber vacuum machines and supplies for the professional smoker!

    Take care, and thanks for your business! [​IMG]


  12. fpnmf

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    Thanks Lisa!!

  13. ...btw dougmays, just ordered my logo stamp...should be here in a week, I'll let you know how it works.  I just hope their ink is as good as that found in a Sharpie!
  14. bearcarver

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    Thanks Lisa----Got my order, everything on your web site worked perfectly too.

    Didn't use any yet, but smokey (our kitty) is having a Great time playing in the big box!!!


  15. lisa b

    lisa b Smoking Fanatic

    Hi Bear,

    I'm glad that I can supply you with bags and cat toys! 

    I had a pallet of bags delivered yesterday (about 50 large shipping boxes) and my two cats were going crazy playing with them.  I don't know what it is with cats and cardboard boxes....


  16. ...just a bit OT...
    So guys (and gals) I got my Vistaprint pre inked stamp this week, and they look great!
    Problem is...the ink is horrible.  Here's a pic after stamping my bag
    And here is a pic after waiting 18hours (giving it a fair chance to dry) and running my finger across the ink.
    Getting it wet completely removed all of the ink.
    I agree that Sharpie's work great, but would like to put my logo on my bags from Lisa...anybody know of good stamp suppliers or ink source?
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  17. Lisa, I'm looking to purchase a vacuum sealer for home use. Will be sealing things for the freezer and I would also like to be able to seal canning jars. What would you suggest? I owned a vac sealer a few years ago, but it was a horrible unit; didn't seal half the time.

    Anyone else is free to chime in with their opinion too.

    Thanks 😄
  18. lisa b

    lisa b Smoking Fanatic

    Hi Corndog,

    Our Pro 140 is a really good home machine and puts two heat strips with every seal.  If you use rolls a lot, the Pro 260 has roll storage and a cutter. I'm also selling a lot of the Pro 305, but that's a pretty heavy-duty model that may be too much for occassional use.  I'll put all the links here so you can see them.




    If you have any questions, just ask. [​IMG]


  19. Hi Lisa,

    Is it possible to hook up and use a Foodsaver mason jar sealer to the attachment hose on the Pro 140 or Pro 260? Or is there a Vac Master attachment for this? I need to be able to vacuum seal mason jars too.

  20. lisa b

    lisa b Smoking Fanatic

    Hi Corndog,

    VacMaster doesn't make a mason jar attachment, but I have many customers who use our machines with the FoodSaver attachment.  The machines all come with the hose attachment.



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